(2010) Rise of the Eldrazi

F or thousands of years, Zendikar has had a reputation as a deathtrap. It's been a world of deadly perils to planeswalkers and native explorers, punishing any who seek to loot its hidden treasures and exploit its potent mana. The Rise of the Eldrazi set also marks the debut of colorless instants and sorceries. Like their Eldrazi creators, these versatile spells can be put into almost any deck. Rise of the Eldrazi is the third set in the Zendikar block, yet introduces entirely new themes and mechanics to reflect the devastation that has been wrought by the world eating Eldrazi. The set features 248 black bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. It will be available in intro packs, booster packs and fat packs. The set introduces new mechanics including: Annihilator, Rebound, Totem Armor, Level Up, Colorless Eldrazi creatures and spells. New Planeswalker cards are included. Release Date: April 2010
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