(2017) Aether Revolt

This is a special message from the Consulate to all citizens of Kaladesh. Violent anti-government malcontents have seized control of large portions of Ghirapur. Led by convicted terrorist Pia Nalaar and aligned with aether-pirates, essence-drainers, and weaponsmiths, they seek to overthrow the authority of your Consulate, to end free and equal access to aether, and to drive the city into chaos. Remain calm. Remain strong. We have taken necessary precautions to ensure all citizens are safe. This includes increased security and surveillance, the seizure of unregistered inventions, the monitoring of aether distribution, and the enforcement of a city-wide curfew. Please, adhere to posted city ordinances and follow all instructions issued by Consulate enforcers. Do your part to help us save your city! Number of Cards: 184 Prerelease Events: January 14–15, 2017 Release Events: January 20, 2017 Launch Weekend: January 20–22, 2017
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