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7th Edition

One solid reason to get into Seventh Edition. With the Magic: The Gathering - Seventh Edition set, old favorites like Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, and Mahamoti Djinn return - with a vengeance. We wanted this set to kick arse, so that's why we've plastered the set with lavish, all-new art and included black-bordered premium cards. OK. That's actually a buttload of reasons, so what are you waiting for? An invitation? The Seventh Edition base set includes randomly inserted black-bordered foil-finished premium cards in a 350 white-bordered card set featuring 110 rares, 110 uncommons, 110 commons and 20 basic lands.
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  • NM-Mint, English
    $2.60 / $3.12  credit
    NM-Mint, English
    $2.60  / $3.12  credit
    NM-Mint, English, Buylist Limit 12
    $2.60  / $3.12  credit
    Light Play, English, Buylist Limit 4
    $2.08  / $2.50  credit
    Moderate Play, English, Buylist Limit 4
    $1.82  / $2.18  credit